Wonders of Turkey – Part 3

Reliving my tour of Turkey has been special for me, remembering how I felt and what I experienced on any given day while re-looking at my photo’s is what travel is all about. It’s sometimes the little things that make you remember something more than just the incredible sights each destination brings.

Next up was Cappadocia, the landscape of which seems totally alien. It’s incredible to see the ‘homes’ carved out of natural rock.

Homes carved out of the rock

Homes carved out of the rock


People lived like this

Then it was on to the incredible spectacle that is Pamukkale – which means “cotton castle” in Turkish and you can see why in the photo below.  The thermal springs created these terraces because of the carbonate minerals left by the water. It is a sight to behold. We even got to walk in the water!

Incredible thermal springs of Pamukkale

Incredible thermal springs of Pamukkale

Walking in the healing waters of Pamukkale

Walking in the healing waters of Pamukkale

Terraces - Pamukkale

Terraces – Pamukkale

Ancient Pamukkale

Ancient Pamukkale

And on to the incredible ancient city of Ephesus – built in the 10th Century BC near the city of Izmir.

Library of Celsus in Ephesus

Library of Celsus in Ephesus

We were also introduced to the incredible ceramics that Turkey is known for by visiting a ceramic factory with the option to purchase the incredible ceramics that they create here. The artistry is unbelievable and the pieces totally unique, one of a kind masterpieces.

The intricate ceramic art

The intricate ceramic art – absolutely breathtaking

We then also visited the underground city of Sarhatli. It is unbelievable to think people lived and moved about in these underground cities without the luxury of light we have today. Some of the passages are extremely tight and narrow and low to the ground. I am not the slightest bit claustrophobic but even I was heavy breathing and after a while you just want to get to the end, to daylight. If you are claustrophobic don’t go anywhere near this. For me it was an incredible experience and I cannot even begin to imagine how people moved about without light in these tight tunnels.

Underground city of Sarhatli  - Extremely narrow passages!

Underground city of Sarhatli – Extremely narrow passages!

Just to give you an idea – The passage above I had to go through sideways as my shoulders were too broad to go through while facing forward! Scary doesn’t begin to describe the feeling!

We then also visited the ancient city of Pergamon with it’s medical center.

Ancient medical centre of Pergamon

Ancient city of Pergamon


We also got to visit the city of Troy – what was left of it at least, which is mostly just rubble. This is where the Trojan War took place. The replica of the Trojan Horse is found at the entrance to the ancient site which is visited by many tourists to Turkey.

Trojan horse at Troy

Trojan horse at Troy

We also paid our respects to the Australian an New Zealand soldiers on the Gallipoli peninsula which we got to by crossing the Dardanelles via ferry near Canakkale. Many soldiers lost their lives during World War 1 in 1915 and 1916. There are memorials erected and for me personally it was extremely heartbreaking to note the ages of these soldiers, many not much more than boys at 17 years old when they lost their lives. An incredibly moving experience.

Memorials to the many soldiers who lost their lives during World War 1

Memorials to the many soldiers who lost their lives during World War 1

And so yet another incredible Trafalgar tour came to an end. Turkey was a revelation and I do not for one minute regret going to this incredible country. Words cannot describe how absolutely amazing Turkey is and it should be on the top of every travelers bucket list. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this wonderful country, with it’s incredible history and fantastic people. I wont hesitate to visit again one day, in fact I hope to make a pit-stop in Istanbul next time I fly into Europe.

Once again, thanks goes out to Trafalgar Tours – check out their new website at http://www.costsaver.trafalgar.com – for a well organized tour with an incredible tour guide. My friends list in far away countries is growing!

Also a special thanks to Doriane Ribeiro, travel agent extraordinaire from Sure Travel Scene  – http://www.suretravel.co.za; Doriane@travelscene.co.za.

Bosphorus strait - Istanbul

Bosphorus strait – Istanbul


My parting words are this: Don’t let anyone discourage you from a destination, go find out for yourself and be open to explore the world, be curious and go find the answers and you’ll end up being surprised.

Till my next travels,

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures” – Lovelle Drachman








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2 Responses to Wonders of Turkey – Part 3

  1. MXeTWU1PNOtxSza0rFaePn7Z+1iKpL394bb9PxfvMuI= says:

    Love this piece, it describes how i feel about traveling too!! have you decided where you are going next year??


    • waynegads says:

      Thanks for reading my Turkey blog. I really loved Turkey and hope to go back someday. Oh my goodness, choosing where to go every year is the most difficult thing. I’ve got so many destinations on my list. I’m thinking France, Spain, Croatia or maybe even Vietnam next year. Can’t decide yet! Take care… Wayne


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