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So today I got the greatest email on arriving at work that my awesome friends from , Natalie and Dean – well travelled friends who I aim to be just like one day when I’m big – having nominated me for a Liebster Award! Check out their fantastic travel blog which not only covers the most incredible destinations but, as an added bonus, also provides great tips for travellers.


The Liebster Award was created to recognise and discover bloggers – it’s a great gesture to recognise someone’s efforts and helps bloggers to connect with one another and also helps expose those bloggers to new audiences. So thanks to The Smart Way Round for this gracious gesture. You can ask 11 questions of other bloggers to keep the chain going.

Here’s to getting to know many more bloggers out there and here’s some more info on Wayne Central as per the questions posted by

1. What three things can you not go travelling without?

Lipbalm, it’s a requirement (addiction?) since my army days many, many moons ago. I take extra just to make sure I’m never without it. Headache tablets, I always, but always get headaches from flying and lastly my trusty Dri-mac jacket. Thin enough to fold into a small ball in my backpack but keeps me both dry and warm in any weather. A must have when travelling in Europe.

2. If you could only visit one more place in the world where would that be?

Right, I know this was not the intention of this question but if I could only visit one more place in the world it would undoubtedly be a return to Italy. It is such an incredible country and my first two week trip to this wonderful country was only scraping the tip of the iceberg. I’m sincerely hoping to return for a milestone birthday year in 2018, if I could have my way, for 3 months to really discover every nook and cobblestoned cranny of this remarkable country.

3. What is the most unusual food you have tried on your travels?

I am very open to trying new food and live by the adage that I will try anything once. I am an adventurous eater but sadly havent been offered anything very adventurous on my travels. The most unusual for me was probably a north African stew in Zanzibar, Tanzania. However coming from South Africa we have our share of unusual food and ‘Mopanie’ worms would top most unusual for me. Dried worms crispy on the outside but a bit chewy on the inside tasting much like a peanut (except for the chewy part!), wouldn’t try it again though.

4. Are you a luxury traveller or more of an adventure traveller?

Oh anyone who says that they dont like a little luxury is just plain lying. I would not say no to a luxurious 5 star retreat one day but I must admit for me it isnt a priority. All I need is a bed, shower and working plumbing as I really dont intend spending long times in a hotel room in any event. For me travelling is getting out there and doing, discovering and expereincing stuff. I can sleep when I’m back home. I’m sadly not the type to jump off of or out of things though so enjoy my adventure a bit milder.

5. Who inspired you to travel?

Travel has always been a lifelong goal of mine but for a South African with one of the weakest currencies in the world a very difficult prospect. It takes a lot of sacrifice to be able to afford international travel in my country however I have always made it a point, thanks to my parents, to travel within SA every single year since I can remember. We didnt have much in the way of luxury but I can still remember those trips in vivid detail, we had so much fun going to Cape Town and Durban etc every year. My brother and I still do that by returing the favour to my elderly parents and taking them away at least once a year, on us! My first international trip was to Italy, inspired by a book I had read called ‘Beach Music’ by Pat Conroy – the man has an incredible way with words which made me feel as if I was walking the streets of Italy while reading that book. I still have it and Italy was a revelation and a must do!

6. What is your biggest travel regret?

I ensure I always live my life with no regrets and I travel in the same manner. Doing everything and anything I’m offered when I travel. I will go on all the experiences even if my feet fall off from all the walking but I wont go home wishing I had doen something. I do however have one regret, not lathering my legs with sunscreen during a tour in Zanzibar. I’ve never known that one can burn your legs while walking, not lying in the sun, walking! My tip for anyone going to Zanzibar, put sunscreen on your entire body when you get out of the shower in the mornings, you wont regret it.

7. What is the coolest thing to see in your hometown?

Our City Sightseeing Hop-on-Hop-off bus is an absolute blast: – it’s a fun opentopped bus taking you to all museums and places of interest in Johannesburg. You can literally hop on and hop off when you want to and catch the next bus to the next stop whenever you are ready. It’s great fun and a wonderful way of seeing our city.

Image courtesy of City Sightseeing Red Bus

Image courtesy of City Sightseeing Red Bus



8. Share your favourite travel photo and why is it your favourite?

Only one!? That’s hard, ok…

The Island of Burano - Venice, Italy

The Island of Burano – Venice, Italy

The Island of Burano, Venice, Italy – during my tour of Italy it was one of the quietest places I had visited and believe me in Italy that is quite a feat. It really did not have a lot of tourists at the time I was there and I really felt like I was immersed in every day life on this great island. Children playing in the street, old ladies sitting outside their homes having a chat, just normal Italian life. Walking these streets was absolute bliss and I choose this photo not so much how it looks but rather how it made me feel.

9. What is the worst souvenir you have ever bought?

I try really hard to buy souvenir’s that are not your average tourist fare but rather something that can stand the test of time such as original paintings of major sights of the countries I visit or T-shirts that are embroided, painted rather that plastic stuck on the front etc. In Italy I just could not resist buying a small cement replica of the Coloseum, yes it’s terrible and mass produced but will forever remind me of my tour of this majestic structure.

10. If you could live in any country which country would that be?

I guess by this time you could guess a recurring theme here, definitely Italy. I could live there tomorrow (anyone offering jobs?) – the food, the culture, the people and of course that language that makes my knees weak when I hear it spoken, yes definitely Italy.

11. What do you most enjoy about travelling?

Discovering new culture, food and history tops my list of joys when travelling. I must say the planning is also super exciting but nothing tops just experiencing every moment with an open mind and an open heart and of course I make it my mission to discover delicious food, coffee and wine not necesarily in that order!

Wow, this was fun! Thanks Dean and Natalie for the nomination.

Now the hard task of nominating others, I hope you all take up the challenge!

My nominees for the Liebster Award are:

Vanilla Blonde –

The Incidental Tourist –

Mzansi Girl –

Jozilicious –

Duff’s Suitcase –

Your task, is to answer the following 11 questions and nominate as many bloggers as you want with your own list of 11 questions to keep the awards going and to get bloggers connected.

1. What’s your best Travel memory and what made it so memorable?

2. What’s the most exotic/memorable experience you’ve ever had?

3. What are the top three destinations on your Travel Bucket List and why?

4. What is your favourite experience to have in your own country/city?

5. Name three things to convince tourists on why they should visit South Africa?

6. Describe a normal day in the life of… (you).

7. Name three favourite destinations to visit in South Africa but not where you live and why?

8. If you could learn a new language what would it be and why?

9. Share your favourite photograph of anything and tell more about what makes it special to you.

10. What talent do you always wish you had?

11. If you could do anything for a job/career other that what you are currently doing what would it be and why?

Have fun and share with other bloggers. Here’s to making many more friends on the bloggersphere.









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  1. sarahduff says:

    Thanks for nominating me Wayne 🙂


  2. Sure Travel says:

    Awesome Wayne! Loved reading all your travel answers 🙂


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